Please use the form below to terminate your Fast Pass.


Do not complete this form if you are trying to cancel your Fast Pass from any location other than Bloomingdale Ave. All other locations have been sold to new ownership and you will need to contact them to cancel your account.

By clicking the box above, I acknowledge that there will not be a refund given upon cancellation. If a 14 day notice is not given, a charge will be made to the account on the next billing cycle. If the vehicle was washed only once since the time of the fast pass day of purchase, then a charge of the car wash amount will be made to the customer and the remaining balance shall be refunded. If there are two or more car washes made on the fast pass a refund will not be given. If you have used the fast pass for more than one vehicle, we will terminate your fast pass with no refund. A charge will be made for the car of the value of the car wash on the fas pass to the customer's credit card.